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Artisanal, Swiss Made Watch Movements With a Unique Italian Flair

Massimo Ascari

In a world where a few giant companies almost exclusively control the production of all watch movements, Ruben & Sons is unique.

Founded by Dr. Massimo Ascari, this small, highly innovative Swiss company manufactures and assembles technically superior automatic mechanical watch movements that are characterized by their superb craftsmanship and unique stylistic refinements.

Our Movements

Swiss Craftsmanship. Italian Style. Worldwide Appeal.

Ruben & Sons is one of today’s most innovative and forward thinking watch movement makers. Using a select group of Swiss component makers as well as their own in-house manufacturing capabilities, they create superb, high quality MD3G automatic mechanical movements that are characterized by their superior craftsmanship and creative embellishment and decoration.

By carefully sourcing all components from highly regarded companies, Ruben & Sons is able to ensure that their high quality standards are maintained throughout the production process. The beautifully finished plates, bridges and rotors on these precision movements add a refined touch of Italian style to these expertly assembled timing tools.

There are a variety of mechanical movements in the Ruben & Sons product family. Watch movements that feature date, day/date and small seconds are available. A beautiful skeletonized movement is also available.

Our Family Legacy

A Reputation For Precision and Accuracy Inspired by a Family of Racing Legends

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